Tanned by hand and personally selected. SKIN.LAND travels the world searching for the most refined and decorative animal skins for design shops, exclusive wholesalers and authentic furniture makers. Pure and natural skins, carefully and artisanally processed into unique hides of the highest possible quality.

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Personal selection

From Scandinavia to South America, each animal skin is selected - personally and on-site - for colour, pattern and purity. Thanks to years of contacts and three generations of experience, courtesy of managers Alain Deceuninck and Louis de schutter. Everything else is taken care of by our double quality control.

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Natural beauty

The beauty of natural skins goes hand in hand with respect for animals. That is why we only choose furs and skins provided by approved abattoirs, all over the world. By consciously choosing an artisanal tanning process with natural products, we end up with exclusive skins full of uniqueness and quality. Good for the environment, people and animals.

Online catalog

From Norman varieties to exotic flames and surprising custom patchwork. Discover the entire range of unique animal skins online and order immediately.

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Sheepskins and lambskins

100% natural and with great texture. Discover the best sheepskins and lambskins from all corners of Europe. From Scotch loveliness to Icelandic lushness. Each skin is selected and processed with the utmost care. Both for natural white or brown colours, as for colours tailored to your needs. Patchwork is also an option.

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Cow skin

Original, always unique, and with an artisanal finish. We select raw cow skins all over the world for tanning and hand-finish, in order to produce skins of the highest quality. With over 1,000 cow skins in stock, you get the most of an exceptional and comprehensive range of products. From long-haired skins sourced from Alpine breeds to exotic, flamed cow skins - and everything in between. Up to 5.5 m².

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Leather & accessoiries

Pure, tailored and hand-crafted. Create your own accessories with quality leather and a rugged appearance. The raw look and hand-crafted precision are especially suitable for hotels and restaurants. Serving trays, coasters or aprons? Together, we develop leather accessories that fit your style perfectly. You choose the leather, the colour and the finish.